About Madame Butterfly. The butterfly is part of our logo

The butterfly is a good sign

Did you know that butterflies are crazy about organic farming? They are. As a matterof fact there are twice as many butterflies on organic fields than there are on traditional
fields. That certainly makes one think, does it not?

It is not a coincidence that we use the butterfly as our logo.
At Madame Butterfly you will find nothing but organic food products – articles that care
for nature, your health and your sensation of taste.

We always aim for the best
– meaning that we reduce the sugar and fat contents, add more fibres to the products
and choose Fairtrade, whenever possible.

We believe in organic produce.
Not as a mere fashion phenomenon, but as a life value. That is why we offer you a
chance to make better choices in your everyday life – at democratic prices.

Find your organic favourites right here.