Consumer friendly whole grain

Food Solutions ApS gives hints to whole grain. It is about improving public health. This way of thinking is also the reason we recently entered the Danish Whole Grain Campaign which gives Food Solutions even more influence on the health agenda and the consumers’ options.

– Nothing has been taken out, the name says it all: whole grain is stuffed with all the good things the grain contains: Dietary fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is crazy to leave out whole grain! That’s the attitude if you ask the director of Food Solutions Kristian Lauridsen. By entering the Danish Whole Grain Campaign Food Solutions can now put the consumer-friendly whole grain symbol on our whole grain products, which makes the healthier choice fast and easy for the consumer.

Whole grain as fastfood
It is the fewest of us who has the urge for mental arithmetic at 4.30 with a screaming child next to you. Products with the whole grain symbol now give the consumers a healthy conscience on the spot. The hint is an orange circle, a happy person holding a grain in his hand and the text “Vælg fuldkorn først” (in English: “choose whole grain first”). It does not have to be harder than that:

– The Whole grain symbol tells you that the product you are holding in your hand contains all parts of the grain. Flour, grains and rice have to contain 100% whole grain calculated on the dry matter in the product, bread needs 50% and for crisp bread and pasta the minimum limit is 60% whole grain.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration recommend that we eat at least 75 grams of whole grain each day and Food Solutions has many good hints as to how to get your whole grain intake. Look after the brand Madame Butterfly and you will find a range of whole grain products: whole grain buns, spelt kernels, spelt galettes – and now also whole grain sticks and whole grain crisp bread.

Madame Butterfly organic whole grain sticks with linseeds
Yummy – crispy, rustic whole grain sticks both taste and fill you well. With 88 grams of whole grain per 100 gram they are brilliant for the lunch box along with crispy vegetables and a little hummus or good dip. Each box contains 4 bags of 30 grams which makes them ideal for the bag or the car so you can satisfy your hunger and your conscience on the go. Did we mention that the whole grain sticks are an absolute must when you serve cheese?

Madame Butterfly Organic crisp bread whole grain
Crispy and with the taste of a sunlit field. With 60 grams of whole grain per 100 grams this crisp bread begs you to make it the healthy snack of the day. Packed in bags of 5 slices each you can bring your whole grain on the go and rest assured that the rest of the package stays crispy and fresh until you return. Nice!

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