It does not take much to lighten up the working days. As a matter of fact it can be done with a clear conscience. The biscuits from Madame Butterfly are able to pamper the entire family every single day – in the packed lunch, in the afternoon break, in front of the telly …. Oops, the packet’s empty!


MÜSLI BISCUITS – vegan delights that rolls directly onto the chart

The lovely roll of organic muesli biscuits has the fruitiest taste you can imagine. Both oat flakes and wheat bran gives not only crunchy biscuits but also a positive effect on the fiber balance – each and every biscuit contains 34% of wholegrain. Enjoy the round taste of apple and raisins and top it off with a nice cup of tea.


 GINGER-CHIA BISCUITS with quinoa and flaxseed

Tasty crispy biscuits with an interesting hint of ginger and nothing less than 55% wholegrain. The round wholegrain flavor and the filling fibers make both tummy and taste buds happy. Flaxseeds and chia provide extra crunch and satisfying umami. A highly addicting and uniquely flavored biscuit perfect for the little hunger or cozy snack. Part of Madame Butterfly’s series of organic and vegan biscuits.


OATMEAL BISCUITS – the sweetest spot of the summer field

The crunchy and crispy oatmeal biscuits, so rich in fibre, are heavenly – tasting as they do of sun and summer, and maybe the sweetness of the picnic basket? Enjoy them as they are, or maybe with a slice of cheese. Be good to your mouth with lots of bite – and please your stomach with solid work: 33 % oatmeal and 7 g dietary fibre per 100 grams. Also organic and vegan.


OATMEAL BISCUITS with chocolate bites – all you can dream of in one small round biscuit

Our well-sold, organic oatmeal biscuit with added charme. Vegan with 23% oatmeal, lots of whole grain and fibres. And what is more: The deep taste of delicious, dark chocolate!


CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES – dark as the night, soft as the morning dawn
Pure chocolate pleasure. With 12% chocolate bites and cocoa. organic and vegan.


WHOLE GRAIN BISCUITS – when bran meets biscuit

Soft, delicate taste and yet plenty of bite. The organic wholegrain biscuits are crispy treats with no less than 60 % wholegrain and a sweet hint of roasted hazel nuts. A loving dash of bran completes the biscuits, and brings the content of fibers a notch up. Both organic and vegan.


APPLE BISCUITS with apple bites – a piece of afternoon fruit

Tan and crispy, delicious and sweet. Organic with 12% concentrated apple juice and 3% apple bites.






Organic Salty Biscuits

Nice little snack, perfect as it is. or enjoy it with cheese






SANDWICH BISCUITS – a classic winner

Madame Butterfly allows you to occasionally indulge yourself with delicious biscuits, because your organic conscience stays intact. The crunchy crispy chocolate biscuits have a good bite and a thick layer of smooth, creamy chocolate filling. The wonderful sweet taste is the perfect treat in the afternoon or to the after dinner coffee.



WHOLEMEAL BISCUITS – a great taste for any occasion

Here is an organic wholemeal biscuit that really tastes like wholemeal, but not in the undesirable way. An exotic note of bourbon vanilla surprises the taste buds, so that the pleasure as well as your desire to take another biscuit is encouraged. Perfect for the packed lunch, the afternoon tea or the cheese buffet.








Organic Oatbiscuits 

Healthy snack in packs of two, perfect for a to-go snack or the lunchbox