Confectionery is a promising word – and our organic and fairtrade chocolate goodies are definitely living up to its expectations, in every possible way. With ingredients from those parts of the world where we can actually make a difference, because we make sure that the chocolate farmers are treated decently and live under orderly conditions – it makes you enjoy it a bit more, does it not?


CHOCOLATE SPREAD with 14% hazelnut

Delicious organic chocolate spread created with 14% hazelnuts and cocoa – and no added milk. The result is an irresistible and mild, nutty chocolate flavor. And of course it is organic and made without palm oil! So, treat yourself to this yummy stuff. Fantastic on all types of bread or use it as deluxe frosting on your homemade cake. The glasses are deliberately shaped to be recycled as your new line of drinking glasses.

Well suited for vegans.



CHOCOLATE SPREAD with 16% milk

White chocolate lovers! This is like getting your favorite chocolate bar in a glass – ready to spread on bread and biscuits. The perfect yumminess for you who are on white side in the world of chocolate. A delicious, sweet and subtle chocolate flavor packed with milk – 16 % actually!






CHOCOLATE SPREAD with 20% cocoa

Dark chocolate bar in spread version! With an intense, dark, bitter-sweet chocolate flavor you here get an irresistible silky and smooth spread that will go fantastic on any type of bread. This is a “grown up” chocolate spread for you, who is on the dark side when it comes to chocolate. With no added milk and or palm oil. Try it as spread between two Madame Butterfly biscuits and you have a quick-fix cookie solution for unexpected guests – or to satisfy the little snack-attack!

Well suited for vegans.