Confectionery is a promising word – and our organic and fairtrade chocolate goodies are definitely living up to its expectations, in every possible way. With ingredients from those parts of the world where we can actually make a difference, because we make sure that the chocolate farmers are treated decently and live under orderly conditions – it makes you enjoy it a bit more, does it not?


Confectionery - Madame Butterfly organic and Fairtrade orangette






ORANGETTE orange & noir
– an enjoyment with a juicy bite

Combine crystallized orange peel with plain dark quality chocolate. Through and through organic and Fairtrade of course. Need we say that the angles sing a fine little tune? They are dangerous to have lying around and enormously tempting on the cheese buffet, springled over the fruit salad or as an extraordinary decoration on the layer cake.



Confectionery - Madame Butterfly organic and fairtrade Mendiant






MENDIANT palets sertis
– focused chocolate indulgence, bite for bite

We are not the first ones to mix plain dark chocolate with hazelnuts, raisins and orange peel. However, not many take their ingredients as seriously as we do. We believe that the enjoyment should be focused – bite by bite. This is why we have placed the goodies separately but side by side on the plain, round chocolate.



Confectionery - Madame Butterfly organic and fairtrade Praline assortment






PRALINE assortment – a bag you’ll want to keep to yourself
Exquisite bites when it is time for a special treat of you and one of your chosen ones – if, i.e., you can bring it over your heart to share the bag with anybody but yourself … eight heavenly bites and seven unique flavours in the smoothest and most seductive truffle imaginable – and surprising, too, with notes of hazelnut, almond, coffee, coconut and soft chocolate. Yum-yum…