At Madame Butterfly we have an eye for making the sweet moments even sweeter – with your organic conscience intact and some extra good ingredients, bursting with exciting flavours, crispness and good times.


BELGIAN COOKIES – organic spice cookies that taste yummi
Here you get spice cookies without your teeth sings in sugarpain. The taste of fresh spelt and wheat bran meets in a great harmony with discrete notes of honey, cinnamon and caramelized cane sugar. The spice aftertaste is deep and warm and calls for a great cup of tea.








CANTUCCINI with almond pieces – a bag with the best of Italy
Italians have a bit of it all: beautiful almond trees, brave mamas, and sweet ideas for the coffee. No wonder that Madame Butterfly has something good in the bag. The super crunchy CANTUCCINI with almond piece are made following an old Italian recipe and they go well with any cozy coffeebreak. And of course they are organic.







NATURAL GLUTEN-FREE CINNAMON HEARTS – the heart beats for buckwheat
It is hard to believe that buckwheat can knock wheat flour off the table when you need nice cookies for your tea. But this could happen here. The gluten-free cinnamon hearts have plenty of taste, crispiness and bite. A surprising hint of anis sets the tone while varm notes of cinnamon, coriander, cardamomme and honey slowly join the choir of enjoyment.







Cookies - Madame Butterfly organic and fairtrade rice cakes with dark chocolateRICE CAKES with dark chocolate – we add the best chocolate to our whole grain
Blessed with a stroke of the most delicious dark chocolate, round, and with more than 40% whole grain. Our organic wholegrain rice cakes are so light, and has the perfect touch of sweetness. The discrete taste of popped rice adds freeness to the chocolate, which of course, also, is organic and fairtrade.




Organic ChokoNoir with Dark chocolate