We at Madame Butterfly love when it crunches. That is why we have crispbread on the programme. Delicious bites with lots of fibre that look good in the packed lunch and as snacks on the cheese buffet.



CRISPBREAD wholegrain

Crispy with the taste of sun-ripe rye. With 60 gram of wholegrain per 100 gram the slices of crisp bread are begging you to become the healthy snack of the day. Packed in bags with 5 slices each makes it possible to bring your wholegrain on the go and rest assured that the rest of the package will stay fresh and crunchy until you return. Nice!







CRISPBREAD with sesame – wholegrain with a twist

The roasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top adds an extra twist to the whole-grain crispbread. The nut-like flavour goes great with paté, crisp bacon or creamy peanutbutter. It is easy to take along on the ride, it is easily served, and it is easy to enjoy to the full.







WHEAT CRISPBREAD with pumpkinseeds and gouda – and they said yummy!

Rounded taste of pumpkinseeds, soft taste of Gouda cheese, crispy bite. Bring out your appetite or little hunger and invite your conscience to join you at the table. With no less than 51 % wholegrain and 19 % dietary fibre you really give your tummy something to work with so that the satisfied sensation of fullness lasts longer.










SPELT CRISPBREAD with sunflowerseeds and poppyseeds – temptating fibers with a taste of more

When we say poppyseeds, we mean poppyseeds!
Mmmm, it tastes of summer, beachtrips and breakfast outside. We have of cause also been generous when sprinkling on the sunflowerseeds and using the wholegrain spelt flour. You get an advantage in fibres: Crispbread with 59 % of wholegrain and 13 % of dietary fibres.










SPELT CRISPBREAD with sunflowerseeds and sesame – a good reason for an extra feelgood moment

Open Sesame – open the picnic basket or the peanutbutter jar! Here you have wholegrain crisp bread to eat on the go or when passing by. Because that is how it is with grain and seeds: when the right ingredients are treated in the right way, it can be hard to resist. But never mind – because you get 59 % wholegrain and 15 % dietary fibres to keep you going.









SPELT CRISPBREAD with linseeds and chia – with 75% wholegrain and 12 grams fibres

Madame Butterfly Organic Wholegrain Crispbread with spelt contains thin, crispy slices with pure enjoy of wholegrain.  A delicious crisp for the cheese party, or for not feeling too guilty at snacky time. Sprinkled with large spelt flakes, brown linseeds and the tiny popular chia seeds you have no doubt you made the right choice!









WHEAT CRISPBREAD with sesame and linseeds – with 67% wholegrain and 12 grams of fibres

The most crispy crisp and lots of bite! næk og masser af bid! Here you are with crispy wholegrain crispbread foryour picnic, the cheese party of a healthy snack in front of the TV. A large and rich slice, which saturates for a long while, thanks to wholegrain wheat and a loving sprinkle with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds nd linseeds. Entirely organic, of course.