Dinner is the most important family meal. This is where you get to spend some time together, so why not gather around a good, nourishing and healthy dinner, which is both easy to make and takes everybody by surprise? We have made out some suggestions that may give your classic dishes a new and organic life. 


PITA BREAD wholegrain
Summertime is pita time. On the balcony, on the picnic and in the school yard. Those delicious wholegrain pita breads are good for your stommach, and relax for your brains. Meanwhile you can enjoy the look and taste of 62% wholegrain wheat. A delicious mouthful, that is just waiting to be filled up with lots of crispy green and good proteiins like tuna fish, eggs, chicken and ham. Add a topping of home made dressing of sour cream, chives and mint.





PITA BREAD original
Wheat, water, yeast and salt. That’s all. And organics, of course. Then a quick go in the oven. Just like a marvelous envelope those pita breads wrap your favourite filling of home made tunafish sallad, strips of ham, grilled chicken, crispy green and perhaps a spicy humus? With 4 units in the pack there is plenty for both supper and the lunch box. A classical with a tasty and juicy crumb.





Spelt is so much more than a whim of fashion. Our ancestors also loved the spelt seeds, and no wonder. The nutritional content is higher in spelt than in ordinary wheat, the taste is more special, and many people feel satisfied for a longer time with spelt. Use the spelt seeds instead of rice or pasta – or follow the instructions on the package and serve a creamy spelt risotto with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, smoked fresh cheese and salmon









Madame Butterfly – has ventured into the savory world. Now our delicious biscuits, crispbreads, pita and chocolate spreads have a new companion: Organic ketchup, packed with lots of flavor. You get a rich ketchup full tomato paste, lovely sweetness and a little acidity kick. Of course 100% organic.