There is no danish christmas without christmas cookies. Madame Butterfly has the best option for cookies that remind you of christmas.




Forget all about homemade brown cookies… Madame Butterfly have already baked your cookies! Sweet and crispy brown cookies with a nice taste of christmas – cloves, cinnamon and ginger. so tasteful, that it is impossible to bake better yourself. – and ofcourse organic.



NATURAL GLUTEN-FREE CINNAMON HEARTS – the heart beats for buckwheat

It is hard to believe that buckwheat can knock wheat flour off the table when you need nice cookies for your tea. But this could happen here. The gluten-free cinnamon hearts have plenty of tate, crispness and bite. A surprising hint of anis sets the tone while warm notes of cinnamon, corinader, cardamomme and honey slowly join the choir of enjoyment.