Snacks are all the fun stuff in between meals: the small afternoon treats, the tasty appetizers before dinner and the feelgood extras in the evenings. We have ensured the quality, so that you can enjoy them with a clear conscience.



This crispy cereal crunch is not only organic but also gluten free and is  developed specifically for the Danish summer specialty:  Koldskål (Directly translated “Cold Bowl”!). The main ingredient in this refreshing dessert/snack is ice cold buttermilk with added eggs, sugar and vanilla for extra creaminess and sweetness. If you’re not familiar with “Koldskål” the crunch is also perfect as topping on yoghurt or similar dairy products. Made with gluten free oats and puffed rice, that are honey roasted to a sweet and crispy crunch.  Like all other Madame Butterfly products of course organic.








Yummy – crunchy, rustic wholegrain sticks that taste well and fills you up. With 55 gram of wholegrain per 100 gram they are brilliant in the lunch box along with crispy vegetables and a little decadent dip or hummus. Each box contains 4 bags of 30 gram which makes them ideal for the bag or the car so you can satisfy your hunger and conscience on the go. Did we mention that the wholegrain sticks are a must when serving cheese?






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Snacks - Madame Butterfly organic wholegrain sticks singlepackWHOLEGRAIN STICKS singlepack
A quick small snack with crispness, fibres and tiny  linen seeds. Perfect in your car or when arranging the picnic basket with cheeses and pesto.. The bread sticks are packed in small handy bags each 20 gram and are easy to bring along whereever you go. A crispy little heaven which also adds good balance to your daily wholegrain account.



CORN GALETTES – thin, crispy bites of an Italian corn field
The sweet taste of summer comes purely from corn, sunflower oil and a pinch of salt. Nothing else. That is why our corn galettes are just perfect for the picnic, but is also a welcome bite for the mexican dinner or on the coach in front of the TV.